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Online Short Course. Adobe AfterEffects, Motion Design Classes for Beginners

4,8 / 5
More than 150 reviews

Embark on an exciting journey into motion design with our online short course in After Effects. You’ll acquire the skills and knowledge to bring your creative ideas to life through captivating animations and visual effects.

Online recorded classes
Inspiring programme
Step by step guidance
Online short course with feedback
13 lessons (approximately 26 hours)
Embrace working at your own pace
Simple to join, Prerecorded course
97% students recommend
4.8*/5. Lecturers help, provide feedback
No previous experience needed
Online short course with feedback
13 lessons (approximately 26 hours)
Embrace working at your own pace
Simple to join, Prerecorded course
97% students recommend
4.8*/5. Lecturers help, provide feedback
No previous experience needed

Taking an online drawing course was one of the best decisions ever – I never thought I had so much talent in me!


Avia P.

Teaching was amazing. Their professors are so well educated on their subject and their explanations are easy to follow. 10 out of 10! Highly recommend.


Robert M.

"I loved how well the lessons are planned and how much material is included!..."


Jonathan S.

Great lesson concept and plenty of materials to go through on your own for those who want to keep learning and improving.


Izzy K.

"...Great art courses..."


Alena N.

How do Draw Place courses work?

Online course

Online course

Video recordings of the course led by professional artists. You can watch the recording and do the assignments at any time

Feedback option

Feedback option

You can select the feedback option to receive support, a tutor will be available to chat with you several times a week

Expert guidance

Expert guidance

The tutor will provide step-by-step guidance, making it a flexible way to achieve beautiful results in your art journey.

You can do it

You can do it

Your teacher will introduce you to theory, share a ton of tips and tricks. Your works are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

A computer with an internet connection is all you need

A computer with an internet connection is all you need

It's really simple! All you need to do is to turn on your computer, connect to the internet and enjoy your course!

Revisit the lessons

Revisit the lessons

Recordings of all lessons, presentations, learning materials, reference pictures, and links to further resources are available at any time.

Do you want to make your way into the world of infographics and animation? Learn the secrets of Adobe After Effects from the comfort of your home with us!

Would you like to dabble in motion design? Join our online course and discover the endless possibilities of Adobe After Effects! Apart from learning the key basics of Adobe After Effects, an essential software for everyone working in advertising or creating YouTube videos and tutorials, you will also get a refresher on vector images using Adobe Illustrator.

What to expect?

Make your dream come true and embark on a fun, interactive, creative journey with us! Step by step, you will learn to make animated logos with a jingle, and even make a picture of a person move! One by one, you will master all the needed effects to create commercial video infographics, master morphing, shape animation, bounce transitions, and many other things.

Join a course to learn and relax!

If your goal is to learn the basics of motion design, how to make animated advertising spots, or how to combine animation and video, you’ve come to the right place! Our course on the basics of motion design with Adobe After Effects will teach you all you need to know and help you open the door to the world of video making, advertising, YouTube, and TV graphics!

Your instructor will guide you through the whole course plan that we developed with great care and attention. You will learn everything you need, from complete basics to advanced techniques. You can play each video as many times as you want over the year. You can easily do it all and create works you’ll be proud of!

What are you still waiting for? Join us and discover the immense possibilities of animation with our online course that will make you fall in love with motion design without having to leave your home!

See course plan Hide course plan

Course plan

1 Basics of motion graphics and motion design
2 Rules of classic animation
3 Shape animation
4 More shape animation
5 Island animation, bounce expression
6 Morphing
7 Logo animation
8 Infinite zoom
9 Logo Explainer
10 Human animation
11 Animal animation
12 Text in a video
> Bonus lesson

Check out our course gallery; you will make amazing art like that too!

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You can do it!

Learn Art, Design Online with Draw Place!

You have access to the course video and other materials for one year.

An experienced tutor will guide you through the course step by step

Create amazing artworks that are guaranteed to make you proud – all online!

Online video course

In the video-based course with detailed lessons, you create from the comfort of your own home. Our curriculum is designed to inspire your creativity and nurture your artistic skills, all within the convenience of your personal space. Explore your artistic potential and develop your talent at your own pace.

With a substantial number of lectures at your disposal, our course ensures that you have more than enough opportunities to dive deep into the world of design and acquire the expertise you need to master this creative field.

Learn at your own pace

Discover the freedom to explore your creative passions at your own pace with our online video course. Our extensive course allows you to delve into the world of art, unlock your artistic potential, and hone your skills whenever it suits you. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned artist, our flexible learning approach empowers you to take control of your artistic journey.

Content is available to you repeatedly

Our course provides access for an entire year, allowing you to revisit the video content as often as needed. Plus, all the course materials will remain available for you throughout the year, ensuring that you have the resources and support required to excel in your artistic journey.

You can do it

Our art video courses are designed to ensure that you'll do great, even if it's your first-ever encounter with art. Don't worry if you're a complete beginner - our step-by-step tutorials will guide you through the creative process, guaranteeing your success in your artistic journey. We believe that everyone has an artist or designer within them waiting to be unleashed, and our courses are the perfect starting point for your artistic exploration, no matter your level of experience.

Final certificate

Upon successfully completing one of our art video courses, you'll have the opportunity to receive a beautiful completion certificate. This certificate not only serves as a symbol of your dedication and achievement but also as a testament to the new skills and knowledge you've acquired during your artistic journey.

All you need is a computer with an internet connection

Surely you already have that at home! The technical side is very straightforward, you just need a PC or a laptop with an internet connection. You can start making art in the comfort of your home.
Join us and get creative without leaving your living room!

Beginner course

Our video courses are thoughtfully structured to cater to complete beginners, providing them with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to kickstart their journey with confidence. However, our courses aren't just for novices; they offer a rich and educational experience for those with prior creative exposure as well.
For complete beginners, our courses provide a gentle and nurturing introduction and exercises. You'll find clear, easy-to-follow instructions that break down complex concepts into manageable steps to ensure you feel empowered from the very beginning.

Inspiring programme

You'll find that our course content is designed to pique your interest and fuel your passion for art and design. This course consists of 13 engaging lectures, spanning a total duration of 26 hours, ensuring that you have ample time to absorb and master the wealth of knowledge provided. Through engaging lessons, captivating demonstrations, and hands-on projects, we aim to make your learning experience enjoyable and thought-provoking. Our instructors are not just experts in their respective fields; they are also passionate about sharing their knowledge and igniting your creative spark.

Let's make art online! It's really easy. Come join us!

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Start learning online!

Join the Draw Place universe and unlock your creative potential. We look forward to meeting you!

4,8 / 5
More than 150 reviews

"... I highly recommend this studio!"

Marie R.


Draw Place stays one of my favourite and also the best! Lessons were astonishingly fascinating.

Carl W.


I was very happy with the course!

Piotr R.


Draw Place teachers are really the best at what they do.

Emma D.


I loved the course and the teacher too – they made the lessons feel very relaxing yet very informative.

Calvin R.


The best drawing courses!

Viktoriya M.


I signed up for another course as soon as I finished the first – I think that says it all 😊

Shadd T.


Teaching was amazing. Their professors are so well educated on their subject and their explanations are easy to follow. 10 out of 10! Highly recommend.

Robert M.


Amazing! Friendly! Inspiring!

Lenka A.


Awesome courses, nice and friendly teachers. I have taken two already and will be back for more. You should definitely sign up too!

Kateřina Š


Highly recommended to everyone 😊

Marie H.


I loved the friendly and inspiring atmosphere of each lesson – I’m definitely coming back for more soon!

Gabrielle B.


"I loved how well the lessons are planned and how much material is included!..."

Jonathan S.


A great way to relax and get inspired, I will definitely try more courses!

Jitka S.


The course taught me a great deal

Karina S.


Great lesson concept and plenty of materials to go through on your own for those who want to keep learning and improving.

Izzy K.


Friendly environment full of ideas and inspiration. I will definitely come back for another course. Already looking forward to it!

Martin B.


Taking an online drawing course was one of the best decisions ever – I never thought I had so much talent in me!

Eveline W.


A course for beginners and intermediate students, with expert teachers who motivate you and help you use your skills to the maximum. I will be back!

Barbora T.


Amazing courses taught by inspiring instructors.

Martina B.


Draw Place’s staff and teachers are great and friendly, and I can really see my drawing abilities progressing fast 😊

Zhanet S.


"This is the best drawing course I've ever taken! ...Very convenient for beginners!"

Svetlana K.


Taking an online drawing course was one of the best decisions ever – I never thought I had so much talent in me!

Avia P.


Art is amazingly relaxing and everyone at Draw Place is awesome!

Michaela S.


"...I couldn’t wait for the next lesson as soon as one was over. All lessons were very interesting, illuminating, and inspiring..."

Jana K.


"I was stoked! The course was fun, friendly, and well-prepared… So watch out everyone, it’s very addictive!..."

Pavel K.


"Awesome courses! I’ve taken two so far and both were great. I was a complete beginner, but it wasn’t a problem at all... 😊

Veronika B.


I highly recommend this art school. I have taken several courses now and I plan to continue.

Jan B.


Our teacher was professional and friendly, and helped me improve my knowledge and my drawing skills. This course deserves a positive review for sure!

Zuzka N.


How do the lessons work?

1. What kind of equipment do you need?

You will need a PC with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator installed and a working mouse.

You will also need two screens or monitors – one to work with and one to watch and follow the lesson. You can use a laptop with an added monitor or a PC with two monitors. The monitor size is not too important here.

To get the intended experience, two monitors are necessary. The simplest way to go is to plug an added monitor into your laptop. Keep in mind that two monitors are a standard in graphic work.

2. Technical issues

You need a functioning computer with a stable internet connection to participate in online courses. A screen of at least 12” is recommended to make sure you can see all the details clearly. Don’t use a smartphone to watch the lessons – the screen size is too small to deliver the intended experience and lesson quality.

We will ask you to download a couple of free apps designed for comfortable online lessons before the start of the course. Have no fear, all details and simple installation guides will be provided to make sure everyone can do it.

3. Online course

The courses are designed for complete beginners and intermediate artists. In the video, your teacher will create their own work step-by-step, explaining all the moves.

Every lesson starts with a short and interesting theoretical introduction. For every lecture, you will find informative presentations packed with valuable content to enhance your learning journey. There will also be small practical exercises, which are followed by the gradual creation of beautiful artworks.

4. Don't worry about missed lessons

You can choose how much time you will spend on the course and your work. Videos are available for you to watch back again. So you can work at your own pace and on your own time. The slides and other links will also be available to you.

5. How long is the course?

There are 12 lessons and a final bonus lesson at the end. Each lesson is 2 hours long. 

In total, the course has around 26 hours of great recorded instruction by experienced teachers. Available lesson recordings, tips, supplementary teaching materials and other content are included.

6. How much is it?

The price of the course is for 13 very detailed lessons from a video recorded by a professional tutor, including teaching materials, a database of lessons to be watched again for one year, and other benefits. You can also choose the option of chat support from the tutor, who will be online twice a week.

Price for an online course with feedback support is £190.

Price for an online course without feedback support is £140.

7. What else do I need?

To get the best experience, make sure you have enough space and a good light source (a desk lamp, at least), a desk, a chair.

As for the internet connection, one that can play YouTube videos well is more than enough. No special computer is needed – if it doesn’t lag too much during daily use, like web browsing or watching films online, you’re good to go! Last but not least, you will need a headset with a microphone to communicate with your teacher.

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Why choose us?

Inspiring and motivating environment
Friendly teachers
Amazing programme
Creative community
Feedback option with chat support

What to expect?

13 lectures - amazing programme
Learn how to work in Adobe After Effect
No experience needed
26 hours of step by step results
Our Team is there for You at any time!

Let's make art online, in real time! It's really easy. Come join us!

190 £
With chat support
13 lessons
140 £
Without chat support
13 lessons

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Draw Place Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

This is an online video course, which means that you have video recordings of the course led by a professional tutor. You can watch the recording and do the assignments any time

What if I miss a lesson?

No biggie! You can watch video lessons and follow the teacher's instructions without missing anything. You will also get access to presentations and links to further resources.

What if I have no skill?

No worries! We work with a lot of students and beginner artists with no prior experience who think exactly that. We want you to master whatever technique you are working on, but most importantly, we want you to have fun, and to discover the joy of the creative process and the happiness that it can bring.

What if I have no talent whatsoever?

Nonsense, every person is talented, even you! Because talent isn't something magical; it's the willingness to pursue the creative activity that you enjoy without giving up. Creative drive and diligence are the real secret! You have nothing to worry about – our courses are designed with complete beginners in mind, and soon you will discover your hidden skills and potential which we will hone together.

I was horrible at art in school, so what's the point?

There is a point :) Our teachers have a much different, positive approach, with course plans that cover both theory and practice to make sure everyone can do it. And, most importantly, our teachers are professionals who love art with all their hearts, and they want you to love art too, which is why they will guide you to achieve amazing results!

How fast does my internet connection need to be?

If you can comfortably watch YouTube videos or online films, then you're good to go :) Your internet connection should be able to handle our courses.

What if I'm not very tech-savvy?

No need to worry. Our video course interface is really simple and very intuitive. And if you do run into trouble, our admin team is always ready to jump in and help.

One needs to practice something from a young age to be any good...

You are never too old for creativity! All you need to do is take the first step! You'll be surprised at what you can do! :) Our courses welcome people of all ages; it's the creative passion that brings us together.

What if I need to revisit something after the lesson?

Course materials will be available for the duration of one year – you can watch them any time!

What if my internet connection goes down?

All lessons are recorded, and you can watch them later, so don't worry about missing anything.

Who are your teachers?

Our teachers are the best! They are nice, friendly, skilled, experienced, and, most importantly, they truly love art.

Are we getting homework and grades?

No :) The course is designed with the allocated time in mind. Don't expect to get graded, we're not an elementary school :) With the chat feedback option you can expact that our teachers will always share tips and tricks in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

I don't want to do boring exercises.

That's why fun is an important aspect that we keep in mind for all our courses! We promise that boredom is the last thing you can expect. How could anyone get bored when there is so much to achieve and such beautiful things to create? Our teachers’ energy and friendly attitude are guaranteed to make the creative process fun and exciting!

Our friendly and professional lecturers

Kristyna B

Kristyna is a newage superhero. Many years of generating tens of ideas for the largest brands in the market made a creative machine out of her. She will help you with a concept, show you how to overcome a creative block, navigate you to the technical solution in a graphic software. She is a great graphic designer, illustrator and a creative manager, you will be glad for her guidance.


Alexey is an incredible graphic designer, animator and a very pleasant person to be around. He is a wonderful lecturer with great taste. Contemporary design can sometimes be incomprehensible and too conceptual, but you still have to search for new forms and ideas. And in order to strike this creative balance between a quality design for the client and modern trends, you have to work really hard. Alexey incorporates these new tendencies into his teaching keeping it fresh and practical. He has great theoretical background from his design studies in UTB and will give you recommendations for far too many designers, books and resources for self study.

Karolina V

We are the biggest admirers of our amazing art team, even more so Karolina still managed to somehow surprise us. She has substantial expertise and knowledge in interior design and space planning. At the same time she has been creating beautiful graphic designs for the biggest Czech market players for several years. To add to the top, Karolina now is wrapping up her glass making degree at UMPRUM in Prague. Carolina can teach you how to become detail-oriented, positive and fearless person with an excellent taste. Never losing her human side, she is a pleasant and admired lecturer! She tutors interiors, graphic design, Adobe Illustrator, preparation for the exams and many more courses at Draw Place.

Lucie Z

Lucie photographs, works with fashion designers, does graphic design, retouches, creates visual identities, logos and so much more. Her knowledge of Photoshop and Lightroom is incredible and it gets better everyday. During lectures with Lucie you will only learn the freshest and coolest trends which will inspire you to create you own amazing art. She is very organized but also fun to be around and a great improviser. No matter if she teaches Photoshop, graphic design or Photography she will go above and beyond program to give her students exactly what they need. Thanks to a great deal of real life experience, she will give you spot on tips which will make your life so much easier.

More about course

If you want to become friends with Adobe After Effects, one of the best pieces of animation software, then our online course on animation and motion design is just what you need! Our amazing course will help you take your first steps in animation, explaining everything from the very basics. They will introduce you to After Effects and its tools and interface, help you create a simple vector animation using keyframes, and explain what a Speed Graph is and how AE plugins work so you can create a cool ball animation!

Of course, our online After Effects course covers even more topics, like text and jingles. You’ll also step into Adobe Illustrator for a moment to create a few beautiful vector images. You can also look forward to learning all about the zoom effect and getting people and animals to move! Leave your worries at the door and register now! You need absolutely zero experience!

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